For Beautiful, Strong, Healthy, and Safe Trees

As Arborists, we provide pruning, with the knowledge of tree biology for beautiful, strong, healthy, and safe trees that support landscapes and property values. Trees need trimming or pruning to remove dead branches, eradicate limbs that are rubbing on one another, and to make them safe. Selective pruning can also be performed to bring light and air to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the lawn or landscape below. The trimming can make trees healthier; prevent disease and property damage, and allow other trees, shrubs, gardens, and lawns to thrive.

While trees need to be inspected annually, they do not always need scheduled pruning. Leaves help the tree produce sugar that in turn provides energy for growth. Unnecessary cutting or removing branches and foliage can harm the tree and impede growth.

Tree Pruning Techniques

There are different techniques for pruning trees to help them be healthy, safe, and attractive:

  • Raising is cutting the low hanging branches for clearance for landscaping, structures, vehicles, and people.
  • Cleaning is when any dead, dying, diseased, crowded, unsafe, and low hanging branches are removed from the crown of a tree.
  • The selective removal of branches is thinning. This is done to help light penetrate and get air to the crown. This helps a tree keep the natural shape and lightens the weight on limbs.
  • Reduction reduces the area of a tree’s branches while maintaining the structural integrity. This is often done to accommodate utility lines and poles.

Without the proper knowledge and knowing when, what, where, and how much to remove from a tree, pruning can be harmful to a tree. Without the proper training and equipment, the job of pruning can be very dangerous. An Arborist can evaluate your trees to determine the best type of pruning needed to achieve optimum health, appearance, and safety for your trees.

A Certified Tree Worker is an educated tree specialist trained and equipped to evaluate trees and provide proper care. Knowledgeable tree care is an investment in your trees and property. Neglected trees can cause damage, are a substantial liability and can reduce the property value. Not to mention tree removal also costs money.

Another benefit of having a certified professional visit your property is the early detection of insect or disease problems such as the emerald ash borer.

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