How much does a Fort Collins tree service charge?

There are a few variables to consider when it comes to the cost of tree care provided by a Fort Collins or Loveland tree service:

  • The presence of buildings or other structures below the tree (fences, statues, etc).
  • The size of the tree.
  • The condition of the tree (How safe Is it to climb? How much pruning is needed? Is it a weak tree that will take some time to move around in?
  • How accessible is the tree? (front yard, back yard, etc).
  • Are there obstacles on the job site that have to be moved around while dragging pruned limbs to our truck? (narrow gates, gardens, etc)
  • The expert skill level of the person assigned to do the services.  An ISA Certified Arborist or Tree Worker has taken extra steps to acquire expert skills and education. You can be sure that most of the time, trees pruned by a Fort Collins or Loveland tree service employing a certified professional will be done better than those who are not.

Some examples of price ranges for tree trimming or tree removal:

Proper tree trimming requires knowledge of tree biology and growth habits as well as an eye for shape and form.  Arboriculture truly is both art & science.

The cost of tree removal and stump grinding is based on the degree of difficulty and size of the tree to be removed.  Trees can be priced similarly even though there may be a significant size difference due to the skill needed to remove the tree safely.

willow tree removal loveland co

Tree removal Fort Collins: This willow would cost $1600-$1800. Not including stump grinding.

Cottonwood tree removal loveland co

Tree removal Loveland CO: This tree would cost $2200-$2500 because of all the ‘targets’ below and the small yard.

Why does it seem like tree care is so expensive?

  • There is a considerable amount of liability insurance mandated for this industry.
  • A high degree of skill & knowledge is needed to safely remove and properly prune trees.  Medium to large trees often require someone to climb the tree using ropes and safely operate a chainsaw while aloft to do a proper job.
  • Knowing which branches to prune and how pruning will affect the health of the tree is not something learned in just a day or two. It takes time to become a tree care expert.
  • Tree work is a physically demanding job and not everyone can handle the physical toll it takes on a person’s body.
  • The equipment used for tree care is expensive to purchase and requires constant maintenance.  Ropes, chainsaw chains, and hand saw blades are constantly being replaced.
  • Stump removal requires a very specialized (read expensive) machine with teeth that tree services need to replace several times per year.

Things to consider when looking for a Fort Collins tree service

  • Tree services are required to possess a professional license in order to operate in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.  *A Licensed Arborist is different than a Certified Arborist.  It is easier to obtain licensing by the city than to obtain the ISA Certification.  They are not thearborist near me same thing.  A greater level of tree care knowledge is required*
  • Ask about the skill level and professional training of the tree workers that will be performing services on your property
  • Have the local sales representative explain what exactly is to be done.  What percentage of branches are to be cut and why?  What problems do they see that need to be corrected?  Every cut on a tree should have a purpose.  This will help weed out those tree services that don’t actually care about a quality job and just want to ‘cut some branches for some dollars’.
  • See if they can explain what the 2/3 guideline is.  If you want to know you can email me and I will explain what it is and how we apply it to proper tree trimming.

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