5 Things You Can do to Lower the Cost of Tree Care

Here are 5 money saving tips for tree care:

  1. Keep your trees healthy by watering them properly and applying mulch.  Healthier trees will have lessSave money on tree care | Mountview Tree Experts dead branches that need to be pruned and will be stronger and more resistant to disease and insects lowering the cost of tree care in the future.
  2. Have your trees properly pruned when they are young to correct and prevent structural problems that will only increase in severity and cost more to correct as time goes on.  Have them inspected on an annual basis for the first 5-6 years.
  3. Have your mature trees pruned every 2-5 years.  Regularly maintained trees are better able to handle things like heavy snow storms and high winds.
  4. Get a bid from your trusted tree service for just the pruning if you have the means to dispose of the branches yourself.  This can save you 20%-40%.
  5. Schedule tree care during the winter months.  Most tree services slow down a bit during the winter and are willing to give a small discount to keep their crews busy.

By Jason Writz


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